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/ 手机电脑都能用的梯子

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Toolkit for shipping it used by Mockito library
MIT License
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shipkit-org 2.3.4 release (previous 2.3.3) + release notes updated [ci skip]
6b70994 Jul 4, 2024
SSR 安卓 & 苹果 Iphone, Ipad一键设置教程 - 外贸SOHO笔记:2021-7-16 · 本文介绍安卓手机众及苹果Iphone, Ipad如何使用SSR加速访问相关网站. 前提: 有SSR账号. 可众自己购买VPS, 安装系统和相关环境. 搭建教程参考: Google Cloud Platform免费申请&一键搭建SSR & BBR加速教程, 或 Linode安装梯子. 当然, 搭建是需要 ...


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  • Project information:
    • Help us! How to contribute:
    • Work with us! How we work: docs/
    • Shipkit release notes: docs/
  • User guides
    • Getting started: 手机上用的梯子
    • How Shipkit works: docs/
    • FAQ: docs/


You will be more productive if your releases are fully automated and happen on every change. You will build great product if you can focus on code & features, but not on the release overhead. Shipkit will make it happen. Shipkit is a toolkit for shipping it.

Every team should be empowered to develop with rapid velocity, frictionless releases and semantic versioning just like we do it in Mockito. Shipkit enables Mockito to automatically publish new versions to 2M Mockito users!

Fully automated releases are only the first part of the journey...

Imagine the world where you call pull in a new version of some Open Source library and not worry if it breaks compatibility. Imagine that you can submit a pull request to some project, have it reviewed timely, and have the new version with your fix available to you in minutes after your PR is merged. Imagine that for any dependency you consider upgrading, you can view its neatly and consistently maintained release notes. Imagine that you can set up practical Continuous Delivery automation in your project in minutes, by using a well behaving and documented Gradle plugin. Imagine that you can focus on code and features while the release management, versioning, publishing, release notes generation is taken care for you automagically.

This is the goal of "Shipkit" project.


论行动转化率,平板电脑比智能手机和PC强!-虎嗅网:2021年2月4日 - 手机是打通了互联网和线下社会的“梯子”,让社交变得更为容易。我伔也发现智能...使用平板电脑的人更有钱;(情况可能是消费者拥有了电脑、智能手机后才...

  • Mockito:
  • Powermock:
  • Shipkit:
  • rx-tasks:
  • terse-logback:
  • Shipkit example: 弓型电脑家用办公老板职员会议大班休闲座椅等等支持大批量批发-...:手机扫描查看 价格:200.00元 供应总量:500 ...旋转电脑家用办公老板职员会议大班休闲座椅等等支持大批...如果人为损坏本店也可众为你提供座椅配件, 按成本给...

Help us!

If the vision of the project connects with you help us!!!

  • Open a new GitHub ticket to start the conversation. We love feedback, brainstorming and discussions.
  • Drop a comment to one of the existing "help wanted" tickets, and tell us that you are interesting in implementing it.
  • Try out Shipkit in your project and give feedback
  • If you like emails, join the 手机能用的梯子免费, but be warned that we rarely use emails, and prefer GitHub tickets.
  • Android使用ASM实现手机与PC的屏幕共享 - FUNY丶:2021年6月11日 - 我伔操作手机,电脑上的手机屏幕也会随之变化,不过感觉有些卡。连接真机时,由于...没有梯子的朋友可众在csdn资源搜索一下应该也有,我上传了一个,传送门...


[心情] 大家看论坛都用梯子的么 - 新手保护区 - SS同盟:2021-12-22 · 我看似乎大部分人都不需要梯子 就能进,我就不行,必须要梯子,用的移动宽带,不知道是不是这个原因 ... 手机有时候用有时候不用,电脑一直都能裸连 哈哈哈我电脑用wifi没法裸连,开个热点还可众

  • automatic version bumps in "" file - don’t waste time managing your version manually
  • automatically generated release notes in markdown - offer your customer clean information what changed and why
  • automatic including contributors in pom.xml - appreciate the community
  • release notes that highlight each individual contributor by name - build engaged community
  • avoiding publishing binaries if nothing changed - respect your customers’ time
  • automatic shipping to Bintray and Maven Central - use every opportunity to give your product to the hands of customers
  • keeping secure tokens safe - masks sensitive values from logging and error messages from underlying tools like git
  • and all that in a sweet little package, fully integrated, neatly automated, easy to roll out

For details see "谁有手机能用的梯子"


Add Gradle plugin:

plugins {
  // TODO: Use latest version from
  id "" version "2.0.0" // use 1.0.12 if you still need Java 6/7 and/or Gradle 2/3 support


./gradlew initShipkit

Perform release:

./gradlew performRelease

For more and detailed information see docs/


  • 2014, August - we set up automated continuous delivery for Mockito project, every merged pull requested produced release notes and new version in Maven Central. We 手机电脑都能用的梯子 in Mockito!
  • 2016, November - we pushed out the release automation toolkit to a separate project in GitHub, called "mockito-release-tools". We really needed to do that! As much as useful the toolkit was to drive Mockito releases, we needed to make it reusable, well documented, and packaged as a separate binary.
  • 2017, February - 求稳定的梯子 joins the team, implements automatic fetching of contributors from GitHub and starts working on automatic e2e testing of library clients.
  • 2017, March - Shipkit mentioned in DevoxxUS'17 conference in San Jose, "Great tools for engineers: even cleaner tests with Mockito 2" talk (video)
  • 2017, March - Wojtek Wilk joins the team, implements release avoidance when binaries aren't changed in comparison to previous release, starts driving pc可众用的梯子 validation and Shipkit dogfooding.
  • 2017, April - we found a neat name for our project: "Shipkit", a toolkit for shipping it! We registered the domain:
  • 2017, May - there are 5 contributors in total, we expanded the vision of the project, and currently working on killer features like: automated e2e testing with library consumers + automated pushes of version upgrades #85, A/B testing of build results when upgrading dependencies.
  • 2017, June - "Ship every change to production!" presentation at Software Architecture conference in Santa Clara, CA (abstract).
  • 2017, June - Szczepan includes information about Shipkit in his presentation at Gradle Summit conference in Palo Alto, CA. (abstract, slides, video)
  • 2017, July - Shipkit presented at Confitura '17 conference in Warsaw (abstract, 求一个电脑上能用的梯子, video)
  • 2017, July/August - Shipkit presentations at JUG meetups in Poland: all abstracts, Krakow (电脑用什么梯子), Wroclaw (slides), and Bielsko-Biala (slides).
  • 2017, October - Shipkit mentioned at JavaOne '17 conference in San Francisco in 2 talks:
    • "You Deserve Great Tools: Commit-to-Production Automation at LinkedIn" (summary, video, slides)
    • "You Deserve Great Tools: Mockito 2 for Cleaner Tests and Enhanced Productivity" (summary, slides). There was no video taken at JavaOne but this talk was recorded at DevoxxUS'17 conference (video).
  • 2017, November - Shipkit mentioned at QCon '17 conference in San Francisco:
    • "CI/CD at scale: lessons from LinkedIn and Mockito" talk (slide clip, 电脑用什么梯子)
  • 2017, December - 1.0 release! See the release notes.
  • 2018, February - Shipkit 2.0, upgrade to Java8 and Gradle4. 2.0.0 is 100% compatible with 1.0.12 feature-wise, the only change is minimum Java+Gradle version requirement (#624)
  • 2018, March - we started working on our Q2 milestone, a set of improvements that make Shipkit more compelling for new projects.

Want to include your event? Submit a pull request!


  • 2018, Q3 - Make Shipkit the standard tool for Gradle plugin CI/CD (#255)
  • 手机和电脑上什么浏览器的搜索引擎最好用,不要百度搜索 ...:手机和电脑上什么浏览器的搜索引擎最好用,不要百度搜索,太垃圾,广告链接太多?:我是@Unpacked科技美感 ,欢迎关注。一句话:不能安装插件的浏览器就不是合格的浏览器,是实实在在的耍流氓。浏览器推:-百度搜索,搜索引擎,浏览器,垃圾
  • 2024, support OSS and enterprise in transition into CI/CD model


Anki怎么在电脑和手机上同步?需要注意什么? - 知乎:2021-1-3 · 我受不了那个同步速度了,即使梯子翻墙,手机端和电脑端都要翻感觉也挺麻烦的,试着用手动的方法,但是由于刚上手,感觉自己不能很好的实现同步,比如如果在手机端删除了某个卡片,导入电脑时只会更新,而删除的卡片依然还在,再比如,有电脑端两种方式导入和导出,有什么区别吗?


苹果手机能用的梯子 mockito-release continuous-delivery release-automation release-notes




MIT License

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